Dr. Kalam Innovation Gallery

Exhibition of Dr.Kalam Innovation Gallery

To promote creativity and innovative thinking among University students, Dr. Kalam Innovation Gallery is being established with 100 prototypes. Under this scheme University is financially supporting innovation of students with Rs. upto 12,000/-   to convert their idea into prototype.These prototypes are exhibited in Digital Library building in University Campus for one year.Each round of Innovation Gallery have a different theme like:

Shortlisted innovations for Gallery 

SnName of StudentRoll NoCollege NameTitle of Innovation
1Anshuman Singh1504610016Maharana Pratap Engineering College, KanpurIndiloves
2Shradha Tomar1719956510KIET Group of Institutions, GhaziabadCABISTER
3Utsav Vats1412831024Bharat Institute of Technology, MeerutVirtual Eyes
4Jitesh Mishra1601040048United College of Engineering And Research, Prayagraj 
5Ankita Upadhyay1442310010School of Management Sciences, LucknowCow Dung Subscribe
6Unnati Kala1502913119KIET Group Of Institution, Ghaziabade-Janta App
7Shivam Yadav1623010071Dronacharya Group of Institution Greater, NoidaSmart Helmet
8Ayushi Katiyar1434831012PSIT College of Engineering, KanpurDrunk Driving Alert System
9Manish Kumar Verma1502900064KIET Group Of Institutions, GhaziabadPla-bi-o-pro
10Shubham Kumar Singh1416131078Krishna Engineering College , GhaziabadSmart Board
11Shiva Mittal1403021068Inderprastha Engineering College, GhaziabadWireless Fire Fighting Robot 
12Satyam Pratap Singh1514321081IMS Engineering CollegeMars Explorer
13Shivika Singh1703021026Indraprasth Engineering College, GhaziabadReducing the amount of extremenly harmful space radiation encountered by spacecrafts, space shuttles and astronauts
14Aviral Sharma1703010046Indeprastha Engineering Collegemars magnetosphere
15Navonil Das/ Utkarsh Singhal1723010053Dronacharya Group of Institutions , Greater NoidaMars Explorer
16Nitish kumar srivastav1712010063Institute Of Technology and Management, Gorakhpur

Possibilities of life at planet mars

17Somya Singh1601031048United College of Engineering and Research, PrayagrajScarcity of oxygen, water and food for life on Mars
18Rohan Sharma1503331096Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, GhaziabadSmart drip irrigation using IoT with Artificial Lights
19Ananya shukla1705714906International Institute for Special Education (IISE), LucknowRecycling of “Grey water”, which is the water come from non-toilet plumbing, like basin, shower and taps.
20Shashank Agarwal1516140180Krishna Engineering College, GhaziabadASWD(Advanced Solar Water Distillation)
21Akash Deep Singh1634840005PSIT College of Engineering, KanpurResource recovery from wastewater
22Shiv Abhishek Soni1634831050PSIT College of Engineering, KanpurSolar RO UV water purification system
23Mukul Verma1534840041PSIT College of Engineering, KanpurExoleg – An Auto Lock-Unlock As Well As Calf Relief Calliper
24Krishant Tomar1609540012Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s College of Engineering & TechnologySmart Walker For Ortho Handicapped Persons
25Ghanistha Garg1769540014Shri Ram group of college, MujaffarnagarTo Improve The Mobility of Handicapped Person.
26Monika Anand1609531014Mahatma Gandhi Mission college of engineering and technology, Gr. NoidaSeizure Detector For People Who Are Suffering From Epilepsy
27Anmol1609131026J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Gautam Buddh NagarThe Third Eye
28Araman Sahu1702921036KIET Group of Institutions.Smart Glove
29Varun Sharma1819214809G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology and ManagementBe My Eye
30Nitish Sharma1609500006Mahatama Gandhi Mission College of Engg. & Technology , Gautam Buddh Nagar

Construction of house by plastic bottles 

31Sachin Kardam1503000091Inderprastha Engg. College, GhaziabadSmartBin
32Yathartha Gupta1409500046Mahatama Gandhi Mission College of Engg. & Technology, Gautam Buddh Nagarleachate purifying and treatment machine
33Himanshu Deshwal1503040052Inderprastha Engg. College, GhaziabadCompost Machine – Organic waste into rich compost
34Jeevesh Gupta1722240029I.T.S. Engg.College, Gautam Buddh Nagar Solid Agro Fertilizer Spreading Machine
35Avnish Kumar1503013031Inderprastha Engg. College, GhaziabadSmart Farming System
36Manish Rathore1600440017Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus, AgraManually Operated Pesticide Sprayer machine
37Samwaran Banerjee1609531026Mahatama Gandhi Mission College of Engg. & Technology, Gautam Buddh NagarAutomatic Pesticide Sprayer
38Shweta Yadav1609531030Mahatama Gandhi Mission College of Engg. & Technology, Gautam Buddh Nagar

Estrus & Forage Detection of Cows in Animal Husbandry Using IOT

39Ratnesh1605620907Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of Technology, LucknowSolar Tracking System
40Shubham Kumar1501720033Kunwar Satya Veera College of Engg. & Management, BijnaurWheel Spray Pump Machine
41Sumit Kumar1601740046Kunwar Satya Veera College of Engg. & Management , BijnaurMitti Cool Fridge

Exhibition of Prototypes

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