Intelligent Stethoscope: Machine Learning Based Automatic Diagnosis of Cardiac Disorder

Abhishek and Mansi worked to develop machine learning based automatic diagnosis of cardiac disorder. Abnormalities of the heart sound plays an important role in proper diagnosis of the cardiac diseases and in this work the heart sound is analysed using various discriminatory features and is subjected to machine learning making a automatic framework. This diagnostic system can help in predicting the condition of the heart and can be a great aid in primary health care centres for diagnosis of cardiac disorders.

The innovation work of the students of Center for Advanced Studies will be helpful in primary health care centres of India where there is a shortage of Doctors and will be useful for computer aided diagnosis

Mansi Bhatnagar
M.Tech –CSE – (2018-20)

Abhishek Kaushal
M.Tech –Mechatronics – (2018-20)

Publication from this work
“Machine Learning Based Improved Automatic Diagnosis of Cardiac Disorder”, Accepted in “International Conference on Applications of Intelligent Systems”, APPIS 2019, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, European Union and will be published in ACM Digital Library.

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