Regarding supporting fund for prototype development related to One District One Product (ODOP) Scheme

This is to share that Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University is announcing next round of Dr. Kalam
Innovation Gallery which shall revolve around the theme “One District One Product Scheme”. The theme will induce
an out-of-the-box thinking among students to understand the viability and sustainability of their idea to solve
challenges related to the theme.
The financial support from University shall be upto Rs. 12000/- per selected idea for prototype development, which
shall be initially paid by the college and shall be reimbursed by the University after successful development and
submission of prototype.
The students should submit their ideas through the link: latest by
20 Jan 2020.
The guidelines for applicants/colleges:
1. Shortlisted entries will be invited for presentation
2. Ideas will be selected on basis of the following criteria:
a. Innovation/Novelty in Idea
b. Idea relevance to the theme
c. Impact on society
d. The idea convertibility into enterprise
e. Cost effectiveness
3. Jury panel will finalize the ideas/projects for prototype development
4. Prototyping grant will be released to Institutions/Colleges after submission of prototype along with bills of
prototype development
5. One faculty coordinator should be nominated by the Institution/College as contact person and mentor of the
6. Prototypes will be exhibited in accordance to the guidelines which shall be shared after selection
7. All showcased prototypes will be considered as sole property of Dr. Kalam Innovation Gallery, Digital
Library, AKTU, for one year from date of submission


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